2017 Award Recipients


Jesiah Carlton is a 2017 graduate of Reagan High School, where he was a successful student athlete of notable standing. “My mother instilled in me what every man should have, and that is respect for myself, respect for others, integrity, and character.” Jesiah used his Award to purchase a laptop for his degree pursuits at Wingate University so that he “will have the means to pay it forward as others have done for me.”

Ummi and Jabreel Green are Berkeley-based brothers who, among other interests, are teaching themselves software development (coding) and are avid epee fencers. “In between our studies and practicing fencing, we sell See’s candy bars to try to raise funds so we can compete in tournaments. We truly appreciate all the people who stop and support us.” They used their Award to purchase equipment and to compete in the USA Fencing National Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah.